The little story behind these pendants:

When I began making pendants, God laid something on my heart in the shower one day (the best ideas come in the shower, don’t they?) and it just brought me to tears. It was to make pendants out of the clothes of loved ones so that they can be worn and remembered for years to come. A way to have a piece of that person with you and close to your heart. I hadn’t told anyone about this when a sweet lady from church asked me to make this very thing from her father’s shirt for her family. 😭 I thought – ok God, that was YOU! Learning about the man that wore this shirt (Pa) and celebrating how special he was to this family blessed me so much! This was so incredibly special!

Since then, I have known for sure that this is something that God wants me to continue making! It makes me so joyful and weepy at the same time to know that I am any part of creating a treasure that will be a small reminder of a loved one. To God be the glory!

Interested in having a memory pendant made? Here’s what the process will look like.

  1. The Fabric
    You may choose any type of fabric item that your loved one may have worn or even just loved having. Some examples of great items would be a shirt, tie, pillow case, hankie, blanket, wedding dress, etc.
  2. What will be done with this fabric item?
    – For each 1.5″ pendant, I will need to cut a 2.5″ circle from it. I will ask which place/print/area you’d like the pendant to be made from. If you can’t decide, I can make suggestions!
    – If you aren’t in the local Murfreesboro/Rockvale/Nashville area, you can choose to mail your fabric item to me. I’m located in Rockvale, TN if that helps to figure out shipping costs.
    – I will create the pendant(s) and then return the leftover garment along with your finished pendant. If needed, I will mail it all back to you.
    – I take this very seriously and I am incredibly gracious that you would trust me to make this for you!
  3. The Pendant
    I offer pendants in 3 colors – black, antique silver, and vintage brass (this is most popular). I’ll need to know which color you prefer when you order.
  4. Cost
    – You will need to cover any shipping costs to and from. If you are local, I will do everything I can to avoid this! I prefer having less hands on your precious fabric and memories.
    – Each pendant is $15.

Have other questions? Email me anytime at I will serve you the best way that I can!

Ready to have a memory pendant made? Go here to fill out this quick form to start the process.